8 Excellent New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what you have achieved this year and where you would like to be a year from now. As a photographer, you may want to think about ways to improve your photography and the areas to work on in the next year. Here are a few ideas for New Year’s resolutions that may help you.

1. Start a Project
Projects help you focus on photography systematically. If you regularly work on a project, you form certain habits that will help you later on in your work. The nice thing about a project is that in the end, you can see how much you’ve grown and what you’ve learned. A good example is Project 365, in which you take a picture every day for year. This forces you to be creative and think about photography constantly. A less intensive variant is Project 52, in which you take a photo every week. If you’d like to work on your portrait photography, 100 Strangers is a cool project, too. For this project you try to approach 100 individuals and take their picture. You can also make up your own project, of course.

2. Learn a New Technique or Skill
Photography involves a lot of different skills and techniques, so there’s always something new you can learn to improve your photos. Maybe this year you can get the hang of bokeh, long exposures or master a new feature of your post-processing program. (You can find other techniques and skills in our tips section.)

3. Travel More
When you travel, you look at the world with new eyes. Things you normally take for granted suddenly stand out and become interesting photography subjects. You don’t even have to go far–you can explore your own backyard. Look at a local map and find a place you haven’t been to before. Traveling can be a great source of inspiration.

4. Try Something Different
Although there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the one type of photography you like best, doing the same thing over and over can become a drag. It’s good to mix things up every now and then by doing something completely different. For example, if you’re a landscape photographer, you can try portrait photography or astrophotography. You can shoot in black and white instead of color, analog instead of digital. Go wild and make a time-lapse of something! It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, but it can be refreshing to step out of your comfort zone for a little while.

5. Tell Stories
Taking beautiful pictures is one thing, but if you want your photography to resonate with a larger audience, it’s important to tell a story through your work. You can tell a story in a series of picture but also in a single shot. If you look closely, you’ll find stories everywhere: a trip you took, an interesting part of nature or changes happening to the people around you.

6. Keep a Journal
A journal is a great place to reflect on your photography. After a shoot, it can be helpful to write down what went well and what were things you’d like to improve next time. It’s also handy for tips and tricks you’ve picked up and ideas for future shoots.

7. Find Photographers You Admire & Learn From Them
Knowing what photographers you admire will help you decide what kind of photographer you aspire to be yourself. Finding a role model will help you set your goals. Moreover, you can benefit from the experience of other photographers, whether you study their work or you’re lucky enough to have one as a mentor. Just by trying to recreate (parts of) the pictures of photographers you like, you can already learn a lot.

8. Get a Cat, Take a Viral Picture & Achieve Everlasting Internet Fame
And if that doesn’t work out, you can switch to Plan B and become a successful full-time photographer instead.


Apesar de em inglês, espero poder dar uma luzinha para novas e clickantes aventuras fotográficas…
eu vou reter em particular a número 3… haja €… 🙂


One thought on “8 Excellent New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers

  1. Pois… Pois… eu vi logo que era uma daquelas que usa o lema “faz o que eu digo, não faças o que eu faço”.

    Mas acho que também podias começar a olhar a 1. Não digo começares um projecto 365, mas porque não um projecto 52. O tema de cada semana, até poderias usar o tema que o Flinpo lança todas as semanas. Se o projecto não servisse para mais nada, pelo menos acho que iria puxar mais gente para este teu espaço.

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